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Reviews and advice for disabled people by disabled people.

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Disability-Advice wants to make the world a better place for everyone including disabled people their families and their carers. We believe that people should help and support each other and look after themselves. This website has been created to provide a framework where people can help each other and achieve this goal. The aim is to provide a space that is accessible, clear in objective and friendly, for all types of people to both refer and contribute to without feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, confused or excluded. We want this website to evolve with its users, while remaining focused and simple to use.


Descriptions and user supplied reviews of venues and locations.
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Brighton Junction Reception
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Brighton Jubilee Library
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Farm Entrance
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Descriptions and user supplied reviews of any product that may be useful to disabled people.
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Directory of organisations that provide support services that may help disabled people.
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West Sussex and Brighton and Hove
United Kingdom
Brighton and Hove


Descriptions and user supplied reviews of disability related services.

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The Good Care Group
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Alpha Automatic Disability Driver Training
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