Disability Advice

Reviews and advice for disabled people by disabled people.

About Us

This site was developed by Andy Stiller, with the purpose of assisting disabled people in achieving more independence, to feel less alone and to find more enjoyment in the way they live.  Andy thought it would be wonderful if there was a clear road map or “how to” guide for living with a disability. He felt he needed something simple and straight forward to tell him where to find things, what challenges he might face and who could offer the best advice on certain issues. Not having found one, he decided to create his own.  The site was built with three main sections:  reviews, advice, and useful resources.  Registered users were invited to use the space to give feedback on services, review establishments and swap tips for living well; as well as anything else they felt they needed from it.

In 2017 Disability Inclusion, a small User Led Organisation based in Hastings, East Sussex, took over the running of the Disability Advice website, along with its social media profile.  We aim to build on the original purpose of the site and develop it to take into account other initiatives which have progressed over the past few years.  This will ensure that we enable people to utilise the services and support that's already out there and to avoid duplication where possible.