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Hearing graphic

People who are losing their hearing worry about the thought of having to wear a hearing aid. Many of these people still remember the older styles of NHS hearing aids which were large, whistled a lot and were always beige.


A simple influencing structure and looking at situations from different points of view.

Following on from my previous article on influencing others and asking for what you need, in this article I focus on how you can use a simple influencing structure and a tool for looking at situations from different points of view.


How to influence others and ask for what you need.

As I mentioned in my first article back in June there are many times you will need to influence others as a carer and it is worth mapping out who and what they are. They may well include local doctors and hospital specialists, charities and other people involved with care.

Mind Map Sample

This is the second in a series of articles on tools and techniques that I found most useful. The previous article was on focussing your effort and this one covers planning.

Circles of Control, Infulence and Concern

Who I am?

My name is Toby Buckle and I am a parent of a disabled child with complex needs. I am also a leadership coach responsible for training others in techniques to manage situations, influence people and become resilient. I have done this in organisations such as National Geographic, the Prison Service and the NHS.

Airport Wheelchair

The amount of people traveling every year is on the rise and the physically disabled population is certainly not excluded from this trend. If you are traveling with a physically disabled companion, perhaps an older family member, we have put together a number of travel tips designed to ensure that both parties return from the holiday relaxed and healthy.


Choosing the right scooter for you

If like so many people you can no longer enjoy doing simple tasks like walking to the shops, visiting friends, or walking the dog without assistance, due to problems with mobility then a Mobility Scooter could be the lifeline you have been looking for, to regain your independence.
Mobility scooters are easy to use, economical to run and require low level maintenance to look after them, but can make a world of difference to the user.

Joan McKechnie

According to a 2005 survey by the RNID which sampled over 20,000 participants, the UK is thought to include over 10 million individuals who are hearing impaired, of which over 6 million are thought to display the symptoms of age related hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss is a type of hearing disability also known as presbycusis in which moderate demise of the inner ear hair cells leads to a growing difficulty in hearing certain frequencies.

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