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Disability Inclusion CIC is pleased to have now taken over the Disability Advice website and social media.  As Managing Director, I'd like to thank Andy Stiller for all his hard work in setting up and maintaining the site up to now.At Disability Inclusion we're passionate about people being able to access good information and advice at a time that's right for them. We also firmly believe that disabled people, their families and carers are the best people to support each other as they face similar issues on a day-to-day basis, so we want to encourage people to share information, hints and ti



Disability Advice was devised and developed from an idea I had in 2001 for a UK wide user contributed review and support site. The current site was created and funded by me late in 2011. For most of the life of the project I have been the only person working on Disability Advice.

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In our quest to help more disabled people help themselves and have an easier and more fun life we had an interesting few months.

The Disability Advice Twitter account (@DisabledAdvice) has exceeded 1400 followers which is an increase of 500 followers in just over 2 months and the Facebook page is starting to get more and more followers.


I have temporarily stopped users adding new support service entries to the website as a result of the support services section being misused on Friday evening. I have also had to stop users adding links to entries for the same reason. I will be reviewing the operation of the support section of the website with aim of improving the website and making it more robust. The user in question will be contacted and may be blocked.

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A web-developing wheelchair user has created a new online resource that he says will help disabled people and their friends to help each other get more out of life.

Andy Stiller, 41, from Brighton, was inspired to create the website www.disability-advice.info because of his own experience of the lack of good information and practical advice for disabled people.

“Since becoming a wheelchair user 14 years ago, I have been constantly frustrated by the shortage of useful information on venues, services and products,” says Andy.


 The new disability advice website has just gone live 3 days early.

 The new features include:

  • New service review section

  • Multiple reviews for each venue, product or service

  • Comments on the reviews

  • New Tips & Advice section

  • New Resources section

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