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Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide


Choosing the right scooter for you

If like so many people you can no longer enjoy doing simple tasks like walking to the shops, visiting friends, or walking the dog without assistance, due to problems with mobility then a Mobility Scooter could be the lifeline you have been looking for, to regain your independence.
Mobility scooters are easy to use, economical to run and require low level maintenance to look after them, but can make a world of difference to the user.

Before you rush out and buy the first one you like the look of, you will need to consider a number of factors to find the right mobility scooter to suit your needs.
Here are some useful questions to help you decide the type of scooter you should consider.

Where do you want to use your scooter?

If you will be using your scooter mostly indoors or just visiting local shops then you want a Scooter that is easy to manoeuvre, and has a low speed. You may also want to consider a scooter that folds down for easy storage if you haven’t got much space. Mini mobility scooters are lightweight, easily manoeuvrable and suitable for short trips. They can be easily folded to put into a car boot. These have a top speed of 4mph and an option of a three or four wheel versions.

If you will be using it mostly outdoors, it will need to be a scooter that can handle the uneven ground outside. Stability and speed is important, so consider a three wheel version which is more easily manoeuvred  especially going around shops where space is  restricted and you need to make tight turns. They also provide a little more leg room which can be helpful if you have stiffness in your legs or you are a little taller. A four wheel version  is more durable and stable than a three wheel, and can handle slighter rougher terrain. If balance is an issue this version would be more beneficial

Outdoor scooters come in three speed types, the 4mph version, which is suitable for driving on pavements only (class 2) and the 6mph and 8mph versions, which can drive on pavements at 4mph and on roads at 6mph & 8mph so long as they are fitted with headlights, indicators, rear view mirror, horn, brakes and rear reflectors. These Scooters are called Class 3.

Class 3 Scooters tend to be larger, and have bigger turning circles making them harder to manoeuvre in tight spaces, however, they will go longer distances between charges, over more challenging ground so are perfect of you want to go further afield.

How far do you want to go on your scooter?

The further you wish to go on your scooter, the longer your battery life and power will need to be. Scooters can range in miles between charges from 9 miles to 36 miles so you need to consider this when choosing the right Scooter for you.

Rural or off-road?

If you live in a very rural area, or want to use your scooter to get out and about in the countryside then you need to consider a scooter that can handle the terrain. There are several scooters available designed for off road use which can be used in almost any conditions.

Where will you store and charge your mobility scooter?

Before choosing your model make sure you have considered storage, and access to your home.

  • Will your Scooter fit through the gate?
  • Will it fit through your front door if you need to use it, or store it inside?
  • Will you need to fold, or dismantle your Scooter for storage?
  • Will you need a ramp for any steps?
  • Can you store your Scooter safely outside?
  • Does your outside store have power, or will you have to remove the batteries for charging inside?

What weight will your mobility scooter need to carry?

Mobility Scooters all have a maximum user weight rating. If you make sure that you are well within this category then your mobility scooter will have no problem getting you, and your shopping or golf clubs from A to B.


Mobility scooters  vary in price from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds depending on the make model and capabilities of the scooter. If you have a specific amount to spend look at the scooters available in that price bracket and choose the one which offers all of the features you need.

Do you love it?

Finally, as you and your scooter are going to be spending a lot of time together, do you love it? Do you really like the look of it and will you cherish it? If you will and it does everything you wanted from the list above then buy it, enjoy it and use it to get you wherever you need to go.

Tina Jolley

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