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iCee Better

Wade Roberts
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iCee Better is tablet app that aims to help people to read easier. Changing colours on the background or style and size of the font can make a marked improvement in someone’s reading ability. By using the tools featured in this app some individuals can reduce the perceptual distortions and visual stress producing an improvement of their reading skills. You can import email and other non-copyrighted material into iCee Better to read by copying any text you want, then pasting it in to the app. You can also open .html, .txt and .EPUB files in iCee Better.

This App is Free

iCee Better features:

  • Import books¹, text document attached to emails ¹, and other text documents¹.
  • Copy and Paste.
  • Change the background colours.
  • Choose your fonts style, size, and colour.
  • Save your customisation.

¹ Only Books, magazines, emails, and any other documents that are public domain and/or you personally have a legal right to import can be imported. iCee Better and cannot be held responsible for anyone that does not follow international and/or local laws when using this app.

Here are some of the problems that may improve for some people:

  • Soften light glare reducing eye strain helping to lessen headaches
  • Reading speed
  • Comprehension of the material read
  • Reduce fatigue associated with reading
  • Read from line to line with a smoother flow
  • Reduce or correct word and letter reversals
  • Help stop text that appears to move, fall, rise, Shake, swirl, ect.

Many people are unaware they have a reading problem. As soon as some people have the correct coloured background and/or the proper sized and coloured text, their reading improves.

Periodically, more information will be added to our website http://www.iceebetter.com. Go there to find websites offering books and magazines in the public domain and legally free to download and read using iCee Better. If you have comments about the app, go to our site and send us a message. Our goal is to help people read better.

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Disclaimer: This app is only for assisting some individuals trying to improve their reading skills. There may be some individuals that this app cannot help. In no way is this app intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider.

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