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Magimix Food Processor


I initially bought a food processor because I was interested in cooking so thought it might be useful so I could make more interesting things. Once I got it I realised it actually made cooking more accessible to me. Slicing or chopping by hand takes me a long time because, being visually impaired, I have to carefully feel that I’m cutting the right thickness whilst not chopping my own fingers off! Anything that takes me a long time means I lose the enjoyment of cooking and then that makes me not want to do it. Using a food processor allows me to make healthy meals and be more creative. It doesn’t mean that I can do cooking completely on my own, because I still have support from a PA to help me with other tasks in the process, but it allows me to do things quicker and more efficiently – and it also means that I can actually take part in the task rather than asking someone else to do it all for me.” 

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