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Smart Wheelchairs

Smart Wheelchairs

Smart wheelchairs are uniquely modified powered wheelchairs, installed with Smile's own Smart controls. Creating an intelligent chair via anti-collision sensors, voice confirmations, pre-determined track following, speed and motion control. All these capabilities aid and improve the decision making of the user making the chair more safe and easier to use.

Communication Aids for Language and Learning Centre at Edinburgh University originally developed the Smart Chair, winning awards such as British Education and Training Technology Awards and Special Education Needs Gold Awards.


  • A proven education, training and assessment tool
  • Easily controlled by switch joystick or scanner
  • Accommodates virtually and seating system
  • Sensor options for environment & user safety
  • Line following ability for easy room-to-tom and doorway manoeuvrability
  • Voice confirmation of outputted commands
  • Collision safeguard
  • Easy to set up for multiple users
  • Wide range of options available
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