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USB Charger for Wheelchair or Scooter

USB charger for smartphones or sat-nav.

Portset USB charger is a device which simply connects to the standard wheelchair or scooter power connector and converts the 24 volts to the lower, regulated voltages required to provide charging power to smartphones, satnavs and other types of portable equipment. These devices usually work from a 5 volt supply, so the Portset charger provides a regulated 5 volts to keep the equipment fully charged. Devices can be charged and powered from this unit whilst on the move, thereby always maintaining full power.

  • Dimensions: ABS case with integral USB A socket 40 x 40 x 20mm, 1m lead to XLR plug.
  • Input current: 120mA for output: 5V 500mA.
  • Resettable current overload fuse trips at 1A output.

Price £40 excluding VAT and delivery.


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