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weighted blankets

weighted blanket - pink

Weighted blankets are heavy, specially made bed coverings. They use sewn-in bags of sand or other dense materials to make the covering heavy. They are mostly used for children with autism but be used to calm people with dementia or for other neurological conditions. They help children sleep and can help with tics and involuntary movements and conditions like restless leg syndrome.

A large specially made heavy bed covering can be used at night to aid sleeping. Many families have said that using weighted blankets has given their child the first uninterrupted night’s sleep of their lives. They can help the child relax and feel comfortable in their bedroom. As well as large blankets there are a range of smaller products and lap pads which are designed for day time use, even in classrooms and at the dinner table. A weighted lap pad is designed to promote calm behaviour, enhance focus and concentration and also allows for further learning and comprehension if used in schools.

Some of these blankets have detachable weights and can be washed in an ordinary washing machine. Others need a washing machine that can cope with the the weight, sometimes 9kg! They can last many years and vary in price from around £100 to £200 + which may seem expensive, but there is a lot of work invoved in the making of them as they are not mass produced. Also the value of a full nights sleep, as any parent knows, is priceless!

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