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Drive from WheelChair Tuition, Shrewsbury

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30 July, 2014 - 23:01 -- a1pha

Haydn of Alpha Automatic has taken specialist Advanced ADI training at the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for the disabled, in Hi-Tech Drive from WheelChair driver training.

Haydn has experience teaching in customers own Drive from Wheelchair vehicles, using 2 & 4 way joy stick Space drive, systems, including MiniSteer. Familiarisation, Learner Driver tuition available.

Haydn has been Specialising in teaching those with Special needs since 1991, and currently has a level 3 mobility tuition vehicle, for drive from wheelchair Haydn needs to teach in customers own vehicles. and can give help and advice, i work closlly with Mobility assessment centers and adaptation specialist in my area.

Alpha also provides Training for driving instructors, in disability awarness,  mobility adaptations.

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Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry

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Big G

I used Alpha Automatic Drive from Wheelchair Hayden the instructor is very knowledgeable and helped. Me get used to driving with my new controls a great help, haven't driven since my accident. very patient and understanding.

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