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Friends Centre Brighton Junction

Andy Stiller
Brighton Junction Reception

The Brighton Junction site is the main Friends Centre's main site with all the teaching rooms and offices on the ground floor. The Friends Centre also run the reception for all the other community organisations in the building.

The entrance to Brighton Junction is via steps or ramps from New England Street or Fleet Street. From New England Street you turn left to see the large glass double doors of Brighton Junction. There is a push button on the righthand side of the double doors to open them. The main reception is left of the main doors. The corridor to the teaching rooms is to the left of the reception desk. The corridor makes a few left turns with a mirror on each of the blind corners so that you can see what is coming the other way. There are 2 teaching rooms on each side of the corridor. The 2 rooms on the right hand side can be joined to make one large room. At the end of the corridor on the left is the Information and guidance office room. Which is used for careers  guidance and training. At the end of the corridor are the main Friends Centre offices. 

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Brighton Junction Isetta Square
35 New England Street
East Sussex
United Kingdom
01273 810210
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