Disability Advice

Reviews and advice for disabled people by disabled people.

English Federation of Disability Sport

The EFDS is the national sports body for disabled people in England. As the strategic lead organisation, EFDS champions opportunities for disabled people to enjoy sport, supporting the sport and physical activity sectors to be more inclusive. EFDS’s principal aim is to increase participation in sport and physical activity for disabled people. Working with partners, including Sport England and National Governing Bodies of sport, EFDS aim to give disabled people a more positive and memorable experience.

The registered charity represents a variety of sport and disability bodies as part of the governance- including the national disability sports organisations (NDSOs). EFDS has an important influencing role alongside advocating sport and physical activity for disabled people.

The English Federation of Disability Sport is the national body for disabled people in sport throughout England. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Providing advice, guidance and information on sport for disabled people.
  • Actively campaigning and lobbying to raise the profile of disabled sportswomen and sportsmen and to increase the opportunities available for disabled people to participate in sport and physical activity at all levels.
  • Influencing and supporting partners across the delivery system of sport to be more inclusive and to provide a greater range and quality of sporting opportunities for disabled people.
  • Attracting additional funds to sport for disabled people.
  • Working with partners to empower disabled people to take a more active role in all aspects of sport and physical activity. They include schools, colleges and universities as well as local county sports partnerships, National Governing Bodies for sport, local authorities, the voluntary sector and National Disability Sports Organisations.
  • Developing and rolling-out national programmes to improve access to sport and physical activity by disabled people, such as Playground to Podium and Inclusive Fitness Initiative.
  • Providing a range of inclusive, high quality training and coaching opportunities to increase the number of disabled people involved in sport and physical activity.
  • Providing a comprehensive competition calendar through Disability Sport Events to increase the number of disabled people participating at all levels of the player pathway, and support the identification and development of talented performers.
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